Outsourcing Call Center Services

Here are the services we offer

СallTech Outsourcing will undertake all complex tasks and all remote office work on your behalf, providing such services: hotline customer support, provision of remote office services using the "Back Office" service, the appointment settings, advertising goods and services, order confirmation services, as well as marketing research (CATI / CAWI), customer loyalty surveys and "mystery shoppers". Also, we are always open to helping you with your individual requests.



The services of our call centre can be provided through various information channels such as telephone, e-mail, online chat and IVR. We can create and transmit personal or any news on behalf of your company, using both our own databases and any data provided by you.


In today's globalized world, making appointments is a cornerstone of any business creation and expansion. Calltech Outsourcing will save you time and take over the procedure for establishing initial contacts and business conversations or meetings in any format according to your needs.


At your request, we are ready to organize work with "warm" calls to your existing customers in order to provide them with information about new products or services, order confirmation and make effective advertising.


CallTech Outsourcing will assist you in conducting phone marketing research using CATI/CAWI methodologies, based on the results of which you will be able to analyze and see past and present market trends, monitor the needs of various consumers, and, accordingly, draw important conclusions for your business regarding future actions and solutions, you can also get "feedback" from your customers using the "Customer Loyalty Survey" service. CallTech can also offer you such an important service as monitoring the quality of the company's employees, using the "Mystery Shopper" service.



Adapting our work towards your business goals, CallTech Outsourcing offers customer support services from general customer service to specific technical support, using both phone calls and all modern communication sources (e-mail correspondence, social networks, online chats ). Among our advantages, we have a wide selection of languages, we organize work with attention to the time zone of our clients, and we also ensure optimal coordination of each of the projects.


Global corporations are constantly required to improve their operational effectiveness to achieve better performance. Business managers are often charged with the development of strategies to achieve lower cost structures, higher productivity and better quality standards. Call Tech is your reliable outsourcing partner whom you can rely upon to deliver higher productivity, better quality standards, and exceptional time-frames while achieving substantial cost savings. Call Tech offer complete solution for the outsourcing back up office what include all standard office task as well as special task upon your request.


We use a broadband Internet connection, using 2 Internet providers to ensure uninterrupted operation of our company, as well as modern wireless communication, which makes the risk of losing Internet connection due to line problems much lower.


We use quality VOIP technologies, with high-quality voice communication for most destinations; a reserved telephone provider, which eliminates time loss in case of technical problems with the main one; an IVR system that allows optimal routing and automation of incoming and outgoing calls; PBX system that can easily and safely manage a large volume of incoming and outgoing calls.


We work with all kinds of web applications and also use both clients and our own CRM software. Own developed WFM system for efficient live human resource management. We guarantee real-time performance monitoring to provide the Client with statistics and analytics. SECURITY AND PRIVACY Customer security is our top priority, so we take care of sufficient hardware and software to protect against viruses and other potentially harmful programs to reduce the possibility of losing any valuable data and also provide you with a high level of privacy.